Gillian M. Berrow

As a writer, Gillian M. Berrow left her mark on the My Little Pony universe in a couple of ways. She was not only a writer for “Friendship is Magic”, she also created more than 23 official chapter books, over 30 Equestria Girls web shorts, the Celestia series “Fundamentals of Magic”. and even a “Daring Do” adventure trilogy. Now with the fifth generation of MLP, she not only co-wrote the script for the “A New Generation” movie, she is also the showrunner for the “Make your Mark” series and specials. Outside the realm of colorful ponies, her credits include production assistance on shows such as “The Good Wife” and “Law & Order”, ghostwriting children’s and young adults’ novels for shows such as “Glee”, and “DC Superhero Girls”. We hope you’ll welcome her with the enthusiasm of a certain Book Princess!

Until you can meet her in person, why not stop by her Twitter?