Pagan Pegasus

After a break from the pony fandom, Pagan Pegasus returned right after the 5th generation movie was released. She started her new music career with her “Danger Danger” Remix, which was then followed by further remixes of some fandom classics!

Back in the olden times of “the pony sensation”, otherwise known as 2010, Lina joined the fandom because of her fascination for the fandom’s music. That’s why she rejoined two years ago with the new pony generation – to bring a new generation of fans to the community through music. Her biggest inspiration for her work is Wooden Toaster, so it’s fitting that she works on a creepypasta themed album, so stay tuned for that!

Aside from bringing you an amazing time on the dancefloor with a blended mix of original songs and remixes, Pagan Pegasus is also working on achieving her PhD!

Want to know more about her music and what she does? Then go on over to her Linktree and find out!