Mark Acheson

We are excited to welcome Mark Acheson, the voice of Lord Tirek, to GalaCon 2023!

Starting his five decades spanning career in his teens as an actor on a theater stage, he transitioned into Film and Television in his 30s. Since then he appeared in multiple TV series like XFiles, Supernatural, Stargate or MacGuyver, and multiple movies like Elf or Watchmen, to name a few.

Further into his career, he got into voice acting and was involved in cartoons and series such as Fat Dog Mendozam, Fisto in He Man and of course Lord Tirek in My Little Pony FiM!

Nowadays Mark is semi-retired and enjoys the opportunities to meet the fans of his work and the shows he worked on, so make sure to not miss him at GalaCon and send him some love on his Instagram!