Underage Visitors & Families

Admission for Underage Visitors

Please note, that

  • underage visitors, who are under the age of 14 (children), have to be accompanied by a legal guardian or a parent and
  • adolescent visitors between 14 and 16 years of age have to be accompanied by a legal guardian or parent if they want to stay after 08:00 PM and attend the evening events.

Underage visitors older than 16 can attend GalaCon without a parent legal guardian as the event ends before midnight. We highly encourage every underage visitor to get their parent’s permission and make sure that they get back to their hotel safely. 

Please also mind that hotels might have their own regulations on underage guests.

If an underage or adolescent visitor is not accompanied by a/their parent/s but by a third person, they have to carry the following form signed by the parents or by the person who is by law having parental authority to confirm that he or she is having custody.

Otherwise, entry to the convention may be denied.

The form can be downloaded here and has to be carried as an original with actual signature/s.

Tickets for Children and Families

We offer the following discounted tickets for children and families:

  • Children’s Ticket (< 14 years) – 20, – €
  • Family Ticket I (2 adults with children) – from 160, – €*
  • Family Ticket II (1 adult with children) – from 100, – €*

*Prices increase by 5, – € each on May 7th and July 2nd. 

For family tickets, the number of children is not limited. Children who are not part of the family or household (friends etc.) are also included.

Family tickets are only meant to make it easier for families to attend. They are no cheaper option for groups of adults. We trust that our visitors respect this purpose limitation in every visitor’s interest.


We want everyone to be and feel safe at GalaCon. This especially counts for our underage guests.

GalaCon is a safe place and we have only come to know our guests as kind and supportive. Still, we ask you to mind the following advice if you are attending GalaCon as a minor just to be sure:

  • Talk to your parents or legal guardian about your plan to attend GalaCon. Agree to contact them regularly to let them be sure you are okay.
  • Make sure you and your parents completely trust the person accompanying you. If your guardian will not follow you at any time, make sure that you are able to reach them and agree on when to meet again.
  • If you need help, feel free to contact any guard or staff member. We will take all necessary action to assist you. You can also go directly to the information desk or convention office for shelter.
  • Make sure to be safe on your trip to GalaCon and to the hotel, especially in the evening. Stick to your guardian and do not go alone. If you feel unsafe on your way to the hotel, a staff member may accompany you or call you a cab.
  • Be careful when talking to strangers. Do not follow strangers, do not share personal information or information on where you stay or when you plan to go to your hotel.