Welcome with us one of the most distinctive and legendary musicians of our fandom to their first convention ever – Give it up for Ponyphonic!

Coming all the way from Phoenix (Arizona) and consisting of Dane Larson and Christina Ellis, they are the masterminds behind multiple of the most well-known songs in the fandom.

Debuting their Youtube channel with The Moon Rises, their second upload ever, a Winter Wrap Up Cover, even attracted praise from MLP:FiM composer Daniel Ingram himself!
In the following years, they continued creating all-time fandom classics like Lullaby for a Princess or Applejack.

Their creativity inspired others, and among multiple covers and reinterpretations, they sparked two of the most well-known animations in the fandom: Duo Cartoonist’s The Moon Rises Animation and WarpOuts Lullaby For a Princess Animation!

We had a blast interviewing Dane remotely back at GalaCon’s second online convention and are absolutely hyped up that we are now able to welcome him and Christina Ellis live and in concert at GalaCon 2024!

To shorten the wait, make sure to check out Ponyphonics Youtube Channel, show them some love over on Bandcamp, or visit their website!