We do our best to ensure that GalaCon is an unforgettable experience for anyone. If you have any problems, need help or need advice, please feel free to ask in advance via e-mail or ask any staff or volunteer at the venue.

  • Handicapped persons in need of an assistance can bring one assisting person to GalaCon free of charge. Valid handicapped-ID as proof is needed at the box office at the convention. The assisting person does not have to register in advance, just come to the reception together.
  • All rooms and areas are accessible. There are elevators between the overall 2 floors. Please feel free to ask any volunteer or consult the convention map for directions.
  • The waiting queue for the signing session leads throu a narrow hallway. Therefore, handicapped persons can skip the line if necessary. Please ask any volunteer at the signing session for help.
  • There are reserved seats for handicapped persons (especially wheelchair users). Please ask the volunteers at the entrances for directions.

Please find more information on accessibility here.

Assistance Animals

In general, dogs or other animals are not allowed inside the venue according to the house rules set by the venue host. Assistance animals are an exception if they are officially recognized. An official document is necessary to prove that the animal is a certified support animal.

If you are not sure if your assistance animal or it’s certificate is officially recognized, please send us an e-mail or a letter providing detailed information. We will gladly forward your inquiry to the venue host.

Please mind that, within this procedure, sensible personal data according to Article 9 GDPR will be collected and forwarded to the venue host. This data is necessary to check whether an assistance animal will fall under the exemption from the general exclusion of animals. Named data will be deleted immediately after the request has been answered.