Join us in the cold north!

GalaCon returns from 27. – 28. July to the Bürgerzentrum Waiblingen!

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Aurora Borealis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country?
Localized entirely within the Bürgerzentrum Waiblingen?

May i see it?
Not yet! But you can check out our videos and photos from last GalaCon!


Get Viking Certified!

Are you a true Viking? Prove it!   Show off at least one viking-ish item, accessory or clothing during check-in and receive the official GalaCon […]

Announcing Pagan Pegasus

Get ready for the witching hour with Pagan Pegasus! She’ll deliver original songs and remixes for your party needs! Click here for the full announcement: […]

Announcing Laura Oettel

This year we present you not one but two Sunny’s! That’s right welcome with us Laura Oettel the german voice of Sunny Starscout to GalaCon […]

New on our Discord: Accomodation Sharing Section

Affordable accommodation can be hard to find. Do you have a hotel room you’d like to share, or are you still searching for a place […]

Announcing Gillian M. Berrow

Renowned for her role as a showrunner and story editor, Gillian M. Berrow has crafted enchanting stories that have captivated fans worldwide. Now, we are […]

Panel Applications closing on June 30th

Wanna shine in the spotlight? Panel applications are closing at the end of this month, so make sure to submit your application by June 30th! […]

Announcing Mr. G

Objection! The director of “Elements of Justice”, Mr. G, is in session! Be a witness to his panel, experience exclusive views behind the scenes and […]

Charity Auction: Call for Donations

The donation registration for our traditional charity auction is online! Like last years, we are happy to team up with Make-A-Wish Germany again. Find all […]

Cosplay Contest & Community Stage Registration

Join our Cosplay Contest at this years GalaCon and apply now! Cosplay Contest Application You like to show off you musicial skill at the Community […]

Announcing Anneli Heed

Get ready for Anneli Heed, the Swedish voice of Izzy, Spitfire and more! With her being the third Izzy to visit us, we have so […]

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Vendor applications have been replied

All vendor applications have been replied to! Make sure to check your inbox and spam folder.

Announcing: doubleWBrothers

Welcome with us the one (no, the two!) and only doubleWbrothers to GalaCon! Get your dose of way too heckin cute pony animations and find […]

Announcing Jeremy Whitley

Join us at GalaCon as we welcome Jeremy Whitley, the renowned comic book writer! With a staggering 60+ issues for the IDW MLP comics, Marvel’s […]

Announcing: DJTHED

We hope you are as excited as we are to welcome 3D model designer, blender magician and animator DJTHED to his first GalaCon! Find all […]

Volunteer, Vendor & Panelist applications are now open!

We want YOU for GalaCon! Be a guest on our stage, volunteer backstage or make your sales as a vendor – Our applications are now […]

Ticketsale started!

Hitch a ride on a longship and cross with us the wild seas towards the nordic lands of GalaCon ❄️ Tickets are available NOW, so […]

Announcing Ponyphonic!

Welcome with us one of the most distinctive and legendary musicians our fandom has brought to light – their music sparking two of the most […]

We present this years theme: Vikings!

ᚹᛖᛚᚲᛟᛗᛖ! Follow the aurora borealis and join us in the cold north of southwest Germany for GalaCon 2024, because this year’s convention theme will be…. […]

Tips and Infos to Accommodation

Finding Accommodation is an important part in preparation for attending a Convention. We have collected Tips and information and provided them for you to help […]

We will be back: July 27th-28th 2024!

Grab your calendars, save the date and tell all your friends, because we have exciting news for you: GalaCon will return to Waiblingen on July […]

Timetable and Venue Map!

Alright folks, it’s time to lay down the groove for GalaCon 2023! Let’s get that schedule on the table! Check out all the deets:

Full list and map for all Vendors!

As the gnarly GalaCon approaches, are you feeling the hype and eagerly anticipating some fresh, totally rad merchandise? Don’t forget to cruise by our vendor […]

Announcing Rosace

Rosace is an emerging brony musician, crafting various genres of music such as Synthwave, Drum and Bass and Dubstep. His style is mostly melodic and […]

Announcing Argodaemon

3D horse animator extraordinaire! Argodaemon has spent the past decade honing his skills at pushing pastel ponies in Source Filmmaker to attain the prestigious skill […]

Announcing Jenny M. H. Ulla

This goth animator has a weak spot in her heart for pastel ponies! Jenny has been drawing ponies on DeviantArt since 2016 and ventured 2017 […]

Announcing Tw3lv3, Waranto Wingbeat and Flitterkriz

Yesterday Rocker and Metalheads and now DJ’s & Voice Actors/Singer. Welcome with us Tw3lv3, Waranto Wingbeat & Flitterkriz for this year’s Galacon in the new […]

Announcing Prince Whateverer and Coltastrophe

Prince Whateverer and Coltathroph have always been a great combination for any evening program. With their Metal and Hard Rock music, they really rock every […]

Visit the Maid-Café at GalaCon!

After turning Aurora into a cute maid, it was just a matter of time before the PaperboatCafe would also emerge at GalaCon 😉 Visit the […]

Announcing Ana Sani

Ana Sani is an VO actress and writer based in Canada. She voices super crafty and adorable Izzy Moonbow in MLP: MYM and TYT. Other […]

Changes to the Evening Program

We just announced our new evening event with a community stage that will replace the Gala Ball from previous years. The Gala Ball was a […]

Evening Program and Community Stage Application

Party hard at our GalaParty is not really your cup of cider? We are excited to introduce you to an all new evening event: The […]

Announcing: Alumx

He is the Princess Celestia his name rhymes with Equestria its really cool… We are excited to welcome Celestia-Imposter #1, @Alumx_mlp at GalaCon to show […]

Charity Registration now open!

Forfeit all your belongings to GalaCon! We need your kind support to make this year’s charity Auction a success. We are excited to team up […]

Announching: Konrad Bösherz

Konrad Bösherz is a highly acclaimed German voice actor, known for his incredible range and captivating performances. With a career spanning over a decade, Bösherz […]

Announcing: Thom Zahler

We are happy to announce our second GoH Thom Zahler who is known for his My Little Pony IDW comics! Thom Zahler is a northeast Ohio-based […]

Announcing: Mark Acheson

Make some noise for our first GoH: Coming all the way from Canada, the voice of Lord Tirek, Mark Acheson! Starting his five decades spanning […]

Panel applications are open!

There are numerous ways to make the most out of your visit at GalaCon! On top of many various great opportunities, panels are an essential […]

Applications for vendors are now open!

We welcome all creators who are interested in selling at GalaCon 2023 to apply now. Each year, we are thrilled to see the beautiful creations […]

Back to the 80s and Start of Ticket Sales!

Hay, who’s ready for some good vibes! You jivin’ yet? We do! But don’t admire our website too long, because ticket sales are up and […]

GalaCon 2023 Date & Venue Announcement

Fresh in 2023 we start our newest adventure and invite you to join us on this exciting epic journey! First of all – The most […]

Updates and farewell to our old venue

We know many of you are craving for information about the upcoming GalaCon. While we are going full steam ahead with plannings, we need to […]

30k€ raised for Charity – Thank You from Make-A-Wish and Pony Events Federation!

Thanks to your great help and support, our traditional charity auction was a huge success this year! But not only that, with 30k€ this year’s […]

Announcment of DJ Direkt

Wow! What a surprise! We have one more DJ for you in store!, DJ Direkt! As a highly versatile DJ, most likely known for his […]

The GalaCon Digital Convention Guide

You might already familiar with our digital convention guide from 2019 as in addition to the print version and can now present you an improved […]

Vendor map and list available!

As GalaCon draws near, you sure are hyped and eagerly waiting to grab some new beautiful and cool merchandise? Check out our vendor map and […]

Join GalaCon remotly via PonyTown or YouTube!

Can’t come to GalaCon this year? In that case, GalaCon comes to you! Join us live in PonyTown or on YouTube – this year streaming […]

Timetable for GalaCon 2022 is now online!

We just released our timetable for GalaCon 2022. You can find it in the site menu under “Events” or by clicking HERE! Please note: All […]

Announcing Coltastrophe

Our British horse band friends Coltastrophe with vintage rock stylings, allergic to backing tracks, are a must have for any hard rock party! The band […]

Announcing: CaptainHoers

CaptainHoers is an artist from Ireland, who works in a variety of creative arts, including (but not limited to) comics, animation and writing. He is […]

Charlotte Uhlig not able to attend GalaCon 2022

Unfortunately, we have less enthusiastic news for you today: Our previously announced Guest of Honor Charlotte Uhlig, German voice actress and voice of Izzy Moonbow, […]

Announcing General Mumble

Rooted in the very early days of the fandom, General Mumble left his marks in the musical landscape soon after his beginnings with all known […]

Luisa Wietzorek

Luisa Wietzorek is an actress, singer and dubbing artist – a true Berlin multi-talent! She is the German voice of Scootaloo in “My Little Pony: […]

Announcing Waranto and Javier

  Javier and Waranto Wingbeat are deeply rooted in the German Bronyfandom and set DJs for any great party. Make sure to bring a fire […]