Waiblingen – More than GalaCon

There is more to explore in Waiblingen than “just” GalaCon. So if you still have some time to spare or want to take a break from the exhausting convention days, here are some places to get to know:

Sightseeing and Relaxing 

Waiblingen has a beautiful old town district which will pull you directly into a medieval and fantasy-like experience. Especially worth seeing are the Fachwerkhaus Marktplatz 1, Hochwachtturm and the impressive churches in the city.
In contrast to this, there are also more modern cultural attractions, like the Ensemble Galerie and Marktdreieck.

If you are good on foot, Waiblingen also offers a beautiful natural landscape for hiking in the surrounding area.

And of course, since Waiblingen is close to Stuttgart, there are many more options in the nearby cities if you plan to stay a few days longer.

Shopping & ATM 

Besides merch and goodies, there’ll likely be daily life items you need during the convention. No problem – Waiblingen offers lots of stores for all your needs.

Only a few steps from the venue you will find a grocery store for your everyday needs.

Approximately 10 minutes per foot away from the venue, at the Marktgasse-Waiblingen and Postplatz Forum, there are multiple shops offering everything from food to clothes.

On the way to the train station, there are also many opportunities to visit supermarkets and ATMs from all common German banks.

If you need something on the way home or at arrival, there are some shopping opportunities at Stuttgart Main Station, too.

Food & Drink

Waiblingen offers many places to eat or drink – Actually too many to list them all! But we can still give you some insider information about some great places.

The first choice is the Remsstuben Bürgerzentrum Waiblingen at our venue with plenty of tasteful options to choose from.

At close range there are two great options after a long and successful convention day. The local pub Bobby’s irish pub offers a cozy place to enjoy cold beverages and the Biergarten Schwaneninsel offers drinks and food with a more traditional and open approach.

There are many more places in the city between the marketplace and the station ranging from fancy restaurants to tiny snack points. Don’t hesitate to explore and find your favorite place!