Panel Application

Do you want to participate and apply for a panel at GalaCon 2024? We are looking forward to your ideas! 

GalaCon offers you the possibility to present your special talent to the public. No matter how famous you are or what experience you have – everyone gets a chance!

>> Panelist Application <<

Panelist Application

Do you want to apply for a panel at GalaCon? Use this form to sign up! Please make sure all given information is correct for information about e.g. display name, material, idea and title are final. Our Event Team will get in touch with you soon to discuss the further procedure. If you have any questions, feel free to ask via or use the contact form.

Give us your real name and the name of your group as contact person here.
The name that should be displayed in the convention timetable and guide.

The name that should be displayed in the convention timetable and guide.

How many people will be in your panel team (including yourself)?

Your e-mailadress is needed in order to contact you.

What will your panel be about and look like?

What should the name of your panel be? Please choose a short name!

Explain your panel idea and tell us why we should choose you. What do you want to present and how? How do you want to interact with the audience? What makes your panel unique and interesting?

Do you have some reference (e.g. panels on other conventions, career, prominence in the fandom) that makes you interesting as a panelist?

Needed Material and Equipment

What equipment do you need to hold your panel? IMPORTANT: The information given here is final. Any additional equipment cannot be guaranteed.

What else do you need? Do you need more than one microphone? Do you need a special input type for the projector? Do you need an extra table or special furniture? Please give us a detailled description to make sure we can meet your requirements.

Please choose what standard equipment you will need.

While we can't guarantee it, we try to accommodate your preference.

I agree that PEF may raise and use the given data to handle my inquiry under the conditions of the privacy statement. I have read and agreed to the privacy statement of the PEF
Privacy Statement

ℹ️ Panel Applications are closing on June 30th

Your application will then be reviewed by our event team. You will get an answer as soon as possible, but it might need some time to review and compare the many applications, so please understand that you will have to wait until you get a definite decision.

What´s next? 

When you have successfully applied, the Event Team will review your application and compare your idea to others. We try to present a diverse and interesting set of panels to our visitors, so the reviewing might take some time.

In the meantime, we will keep you informed about the status on a regular basis.

If your idea was accepted, we will contact you to close the panel contract and discuss the last important details. When you´ve sent the contract back signed, you are officially a GalaCon Panelist and Contributor.

Your panel will be officially announced on our homepage and via Twitter.

Before the convention, we will stay in contact to coordinate the position in the timetable and tell you everything you need to successfully hold your panel. You will also get a booklet – a kind of panelist convention guide – that contains all important information about your stay at GalaCon.

What to do at the convention? 

A volunteer from the Event Team will await you at the reception or convention office to welcome you, guide you to the goodies pick up – yeah, there are goodies, more below – and show you where your panel room is.

You can also visit the room on Friday before the convention – this is highly recommended if you want to test any hardware, software or device.

Before your panel starts, you just go to your panel room and are guided by the volunteers who will help you set up your stuff and explain the equipment to you.

Panels might be kept on video and photo. If the panel gets recorded by our team, you will be able to see your panel on our YouTube channel soon after the convention.

What do you get? 

All accepted panelists receive a 50 € discount on our ticket prices. Additionally, you will be listed in the convention guide as a contributor and receive a special Contributor Ticket that identifies as a panelist throughout the convention.

We offer an additional voucher for one free meal at the convention restaurant.

Please understand that we cannot cover travel or accommodation costs.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact