Volunteer Applications are now open!

Preparations for GalaCon 2020 are fully underway, and a lot of good things are in the works! But truth to be told, even the best prepared plans cannot come to fruition without enough helping hands – And that is why we are reaching out once more to ask for your Volunteer Applications!

We’ve experienced a bit of a trend over the last few years, and it’s admittedly a bit of a worrying one. Basically, responsibilities and tasks at GalaCon have expanded over the years since we added our own live streaming team, activities such as the GalaRun, and the ever-growing PlushieCon. At the same time, however, we have seen a downtrend in the amount of volunteers signing up since 2018.

To illustrate, we had 92 volunteers in 2017, but only 78 in 2019 – And every person matters! Our volunteers work hard and have done their best with the people and resources available, but the rule of thumb holds true: The less volunteers we have, the more work and stress each volunteer has to deal with. This can limit our options during the convention itself. And in the worst case scenario, we might even have to look at reducing or outright cutting certain activities. 

Long story short: We always aim to make GalaCon more diverse and fun every year, but it cannot happen without the right help, and we need your support more than ever! In exchange, we sadly cannot cover all costs of your trip such as lodging, but we do offer some perks such as free entry to the convention, free snacks and drinks in the volunteer area, an exclusive autograph session with our VIPs, and more!


Interested in becoming part of Team GalaCon?
Find out more and apply today on our Volunteers Page !