Announcing Waranto and Javier


Javier and Waranto Wingbeat are deeply rooted in the German Bronyfandom and set DJs for any great party. Make sure to bring a fire extinguisher because they will set the dance floor on fire!
Please don’t, that is not covered by our insurance D:

For years Javier has been one of the most popular brony DJs in Germany and around – not without reason, though. He well knows how to get a party started and to pull the crowd on the dancefloor – with his hard and individual mixes.

Javier’s been to GalaCon and Everfree Encore last year and we’re more than happy to welcome him again to get this party started!

Don’t hesitate to check out his Twitter and Soundcloud!

Waranto Wingbeat will present diversified electronic mixes from and around the brony and furry fandom. Waranto is a well-known guest at GalaCon and surely knows how to bring the dancefloor to life. Of course he will attend the two biggest brony-events in Germany this year!

Alongside music production he might also know a thing about 3D creation and gaming or live streaming.

Be sure to take a look at his Twitter and Twitch!