Luisa Wietzorek

Luisa Wietzorek is an actress, singer and dubbing artist – a true Berlin multi-talent!

She is the German voice of Scootaloo in “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” and ”Equestria Girls”.

You might also recognize her as “Tracer“ or “Ellie“ in the well known video games “Overwatch” and “The Last of Us 2” and as the German voice of Chloë Grace Moretz (“Kick Ass“), Emma Roberts (“Wir sind die Millers“), Emily Browning (“Sucker Punch“), among others.

Many also love her as “Korra” in “The Legend of Korra”, as “Mable” in “Gravity Falls”, as “Gon” in “Hunter x Hunter”, as “Taiga” in “Toradora” or as “Haley” in “Modern Family”.

As an actress, she was seen as “Rapunzel” in the ARD fairy tale adaptation in 2009 and the leading role in Udo Lindenberg’s cult musical “Hinterm Horizont” as the girl from East Berlin from 2011 to 2012.

In the youth series “Echt”, which was nominated for the Grimme Award in 2022, she warmly embodies the vibrant working mom Zara.
She broke international ground with the american film “Heritage- Ein dunkles Erbe” and is showing her great diversity and comedy talent in “Schloss Goldbach – Promis viel zu nah” since July 2022.