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14. April 2018

Our Game Room master Ansis will hold tournaments for Them’s Fightin’ Herds and Smash Bros.! Also, we plan to add a gem of recent indie game development to the range. Keep an eye out for more news!

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This Journey’s Gonna Be Sweet! Announcing Claire Corlett and the Sweetie Bot Project

7. April 2018

Traveling the world can be hard and exhausting sometimes, so it´s a good idea to have a cheery and supportive companion around. 

This year, we double the sweetness with Claire Corlett, voice actress of Sweetie Belle, and the cute little Sweetie Bot with her creators. 

Claire Corlett is a Canadian actress, singer and voice actress who started her car

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Announcing JanAnimations, ShadyVox and a Special Exclusive Premiere

2. April 2018

Today we have something very special for you.

The creative team that brought “Don’t Mine At Night” as well as premiered for Galacon 2013 with “Button’s Adventures” is back in full force to deliver again! But this time, with TWO major productions.

Coming back with a highly demanded installation of the fandom’s fa

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Announcing Our Next Guest of Honor

1. April 2018

Things are getting more and more exciting as GalaCon is only 4 moths away, but we are still not getting out of interesting news for you. 

For the 7th GalaCon, we are happy to announce voice actress Fenny van Steen, who has been giving Boulder a voice since his first appearance. 

She started her career early as the actress of the 3rd tree in a school p