(OC image by @SodaPopBlast)

As one of the longest staying members of the Brony fandom, Prince has earned the respect of many of his peers and collaborated with many of them.

Veterans of the fandom will remember songs such as Between Fairytales and Happy Endings, Breaking Bonds, and an all time classic, Destabilize.

His latest project, The Friendship Parade is a collaborative Album with  4EverfreeBrony and MelodyBrony paying tribute to My Chemical Romance.

The album before that, Redefine, was partially inspired by the Cyberpunk genre and also featured Blackened Blue, Brittney Ackerman, Sable Symphony and even more.

Aside from releasing albums, you can catch him streaming on Twitch twice a week where he shows how those albums are made in the first place.

We highly recommend not to miss his performance at the Gala Party. Until then, you can connect with PrinceWhateverer in these places: