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Announching: Konrad Bösherz

23. July 2023

Konrad Bösherz is a highly acclaimed German voice actor, known for his incredible range and captivating performances. With a career spanning over a decade, Bösherz has become a recognizable voice in many video games and animated series, capturing the hearts of many fans. His most extensive role is that of Yugi Muto from Yu-Gi-Oh! and one of his most recent ones

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Announcing Jennifer Weiß

9. July 2023

Jennifer Weiß is known for lending her voice to the German version of our beloved party pony Pinkie Pie and is visiting us for the third time!

Besides ponies, she can be heard in quite a few anime, such as Miliana from “Fairy Tail” or Rin Tohsaka from “Fate/Stay Night” or Ishtar and Ereshkigal from “Fate/Grand Order: Babylonia” or you might recognize her as t