How do you become a famous animator in the horse fandom?
Drink too much coffee, shitpost all day, procrastinate your tasks and deny being an animator in the first place!

Okay it is not that easy. For that reason we invited a very special guest that might have a better advice and can show some of his cool work as artist and animator: Alumx!

From Portugal, Alumx joined the fandom in 2011 and got inspired to undertake a journey as artist and animator. On this way he became a painting student and made some very notable animations in the fandom such as Celestias advice and Tutition Tip. In 2019 Alumx finished his art bachelor degree and started working in a small indie animation studio in Lisbon.

His animations are recognizable by the unique drawing style, his own voice acting for the characters and most importantly an ever so slightly quirky Princess Celestia!

Heard enough? Go on and immerse yourself into his videos on YouTube!