Announcing: Thom Zahler

We are happy to announce our second GoH Thom Zahler who is known for his My Little Pony IDW comics!

Thom Zahler is a northeast Ohio-based comic book artist and writer. After graduating from the Joe Kubert School, he began his journey with the romantic comedy comic Love and Capes in 2006 and continued with similar comics such as Long Distance and the Line Webtoons hit series Cupid’s Arrows.

And if not writing romantic based comics, he has worked for big studios to take part in Spider-Man Web Warriors, Topps’ Star Wars card sets from Disney XD or the Netflix series Knights of the Zodiac.

Furthermore, as a frequent writer and artist for IDW Thom Zahler is a regular contributor to the comics Star Trek, Disney Tsum Tsum Kingdom and obviously My Little Pony FiM where he created many of the comics that we enjoy and love today.

With such a diverse portfolio and continued work as cartoonist, illustrator and letterer for many companies across the country, he is eager to share his experience and knowledge!

See more of Zahler’s artwork at or follow him on Instagram and Twitter!