Bank Pain and Tripon

Bank Pain and Tripon are both established Drum & Bass enthusiasts in the brony community. In collaboration with Hay Tea they run the Drumscape Library, a youtube channel, dedicated to bring you the best of pony Drum & Bass.
At GalaCon they will perform at the Gala Party and bring some unique tunes to the stage!

Tripon, the Tribal Entity of the brony music scene, is a Drum & Bass enthusiast from Finland. In his 3 year period as a musician he racked up a total of three EP’s and numerous of his Songs have been featured on the Youtube Channel Cider Party, such as Hop, Skip & Jump Up or Discord. He also appeared on a few Ponies at Dawn albums.

Make sure to check out his Youtube, Bandcamp and Twitter!

Bank Pain is also a Drum & Bass enthusiast from germany and started out as musician in the brony fandom in 2015. Since then, Bank Pain got featured several times by Ponies at Dawn with his first entrance being on Voyager in 2016. Recent projects include Skyward from Ponies at Dawn and his own debut EP Rewritable.

Don’t miss his Youtube, Bandcamp and Twitter!