Changes to the Evening Program

We just announced our new evening event with a community stage that will replace the Gala Ball from previous years.

The Gala Ball was a very special event and simply part of the GalaCon we grew to love. With the new location we had the chance but also the need to look at some of our events and make changes.
In addition to two already existing music events in the evening, it also became increasingly hard to find a set of music that was fitting and not just competing with the more party focused Galaparty
So instead of a strict event with a dress code, we will offer a more open and relaxed environment in the form of the Chillout Area.

This absolutely does not mean you are not welcome to dress nicely and/ or wear your fabulous cosplay in the evening hours. You are an important part to make GalaCon special and it always puts a smile on our faces if someone walks by with their fancy suit, dress, cosplay or fursuit. Please continue.

And who knows.. there is always the chance to bring the Gala Ball back. In one or another way.