Contributor Feedback

Dear Contributors!

We would like to thank you for your participation and for making GalaCon 2017 possible. The success of our events mainly depends on the effort of community contributors who bring in interesting and entertaining events as a panellist, show host or musician.

You surely did a great job what the positive feedback of our visitors assures – and we hope that we also did a good job by planning, organizing and taking care of your needs.

Because there is not enough time at GalaCon to speak to any contributor in person and to check on how successful the panel, show or musical performance was, we would like to encourage you to give feedback on what was good, what was bad and what we can improve.
This feedback is helpful to improve the experience for contributors and the overall convention. We always try to do our best to fit anyone´s needs and are always glad to hear your suggestions.

Please find the link to our feedback form below:

[iphorm_popup id=”13″ name=”Contributor Feedback “]Contributor Feedback[/iphorm_popup]

Please note that you can leave out personal information if you want to submit your thoughts anonymously. If you wish us to reply to your answers or get in touch, please give your e-mail or answer to this e-mail instead.
Also, the applications for GalaCon 2018 will open in Winter 2017. So, if your interested, keep an eye on our website, twitter or facebook!