Daniel Ingram

Daniel Ingram is an award winning song composer and writer from Canada and is known for over 100 songs in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, including beloved classics such as “The Smile Song”, “Winter Wrap Up”, and “This Day Aria”. Daniel is also the writer of all of the songs on the Equestria Girls series of movies and shorts including hit soundtracks for “Rainbow Rocks”. In 2017, Daniel wrote the songs and score for feature film “My Little Pony: The Movie” with well received songs like “Open Up Your Eyes”

Since leaving the My Little Pony franchise, Daniel has been in demand as a composer and songwriter, completing over 350 commissions on projects such as the new “Strawberry Shortcake”, “Luna Chip & Inkie” and “Rev & Roll”  and “Lego Ninjago”
Additionally with the arrival of his first child, Eizo Ingram, Daniel has been inspired to start a new preschool music video brand “The Treebees” on YouTube in late 2021.