DJ Direkt

Wow! What a surprise! We have one more DJ for you in store!, DJ Direkt! As a highly versatile DJ, most likely known for his thrilling sets from GalaPunk and EE, DJ Direkt will spoil us this time with a calm and relaxing set at the Gala Ball and give the evening a smooth finish!

In 2008, when Derrek started playing with two ancient CD players and DJing was actually hard work, he played from time to time at small parties and fought furious DJ battles.

Even with going for a controller only in 2019 to get more active, don’t expect just a “stage filler”. DJ Direkt is a true inside tip in our saturday evening schedule!

So look out for a miraculous good performance to come and enjoy a healthy mix of catchy tunes, strong beats and maybe a dank meme on top!

In the meantime you can take a look at his Twitter and into his sets at Everfree Encore 2021 and GalaPunk.