Elley-Ray Hennessy


Welcome back Elley-Ray Hennessy to GalaCon!

Elley can put several respectable achievements onto her resume: Professional voice actress with more than 30 years of experience, stage performer in over 300 theatrical productions, acting teacher and last but not least, all-around force of nature. Since appearing in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as Mistmane in Season 7, Elley has paid a visit to many conventions in the fandom and left her personal mark everywhere she went. And when she’s not busy keeping con staff on their toes, she also authors uplifting books and makes for an excellent cat sitter.

We were happy to invite her at Czequestria 2019, and we cannot wait to welcome her raw positive energy as well as her balloon collection back to GalaCon’s stage, and we hope you are just as excited for her return!

Until then, be sure to check out Elley on Twitter and her very own Website!