The rules for the game „Buckball“ have their roots in the animated TV series „My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic“ and are based on the information given there. Because of its fictional origin and given the fact that humans neither have wings nor magic the rules have to get adjusted in such behalfs.

To play the game, you will need

  •  1 play ball (e.g. rubber ball)
  •  2 baskets
  •  6 Jerseys to identify the teams
  • 10 pylons to mark the field

The Match-Up
There are two teams with three players each, six players in total. Those players get positioned within the rectangular field marked by 10 pylons. The players are allowed to move freely within the limits of their half of the field.

Every player in one team has a respective position. There is one attacker, one defender and one catcher. The attacker and the defender try to throw the ball to their team´s catcher by passing it. The catcher tries to get himself in a good, free position to catch the ball. The opposing team‘s defender tries to prevent this by blocking the ball or to catch it himself.

There is also a referee who initiates a jump-ball at the beginning of the game or landing of a basket. Both team‘s attackers try to get ahold of the jump-ball to initiate an attack for their team. Furthermore, the referee calls the validation of a basket or which team will get the ball after an out-of-bounds.

The Rules

  • The borders of the field may not be trespassed. Players may only move within those borders.
  •  If one team throws the ball out of bounds, the opponent gets ahold of the ball. Same if the player in possession of the ball steps out of bounds.
  • When the ball lands in the catcher‘s basket it is valued one point.
  • A basket is only counted if the ball does not bounce out of the basket.
  • After one team reaches six points the field  sides will be switched.

For winning the game one team has to score 12 points while being
at least 2 points ahead of the Opponent.