Fundraising refund duo to problems with our partner.

To those who donated to our fundraising campaign to help GalaCon and Everfree Encore through the Covid-19 Pandemic: First of all, we want to thank you again for your generous support in these difficult times.

Unfortunately, due to the policy of the fundraising service, we were not able to use that money. demanded several documents to proof account ownership, more than what is usually necessary in financial and banking transactions. Those documents must additionally be submitted as certified translations which not only means bureaucratic burdens, but also high costs. Those costs would have summed to about 40 to 50 percent of the total raised amount. Due to these requirements, we have decided that it is the best solution to stop fundraising via and refund all donations After all, spending such a great part of your donations on fees means not using nearly half of your donations for a different purpose as originally intended.

We hope for your understanding of our decision. If you still want to support GalaCon and Everfree Encore, you can shop at our merchandise store (link) or send money directly via PayPal (