Gala Run & Scavenger Hunt

Looking for some competition and action or a small hunt for hidden secrets around the area? We have prepared two new events for you to participate in:

The Gala Run  

Yes, friendship is fun and all, but what about a little competition?  At the Gala Run, you can compete against your pals to find out who is the greatest of all!

How does it work?
We have a series of mini games prepared for you. On the back of your ticket  badge, you will find a card with fields for each discipline – just come to  the contest area during competition times and give it a try!   If you have passed all the disciplines, proceed to the reception desk  where your results will be recorded. Winners are rewarded at the  Award Ceremony (Saturday,  18:00, Main Hall).

The Games

The player throws their three darts from the starting line one after the other at the target. The goal of the game is to reach the highest possible score with the multipliers. Every player has 3 throws

The thrown score (double and triple multipliers added) is divided by 10. Half points are rounded up. A maximum of 15 points can be achieved.

Can Knockdown
The player throws the ball from the starting line towards the cans to knock them over. The goal is to bring down all cans with one throw. The player has 1 throw, if the throw is a complete miss the player gets to throw again.

The player receives 2 points per can. As a result, 12 points can be scored with all cans down. If all cans are cleared, the player gets 15 points (including a 3 point bonus).

Rocket Marker Throwing
The player throws the 3 UFOs into the net from the start line one after the other. The goal of the game is to get the UFOs inside the inner frame of the net. Each player has 3 throws.

Each ship landed in the outer frame scores 3 points, in the inner frame 5 points. The maximum score is 15 Points.

Paper Spaceship Race
Each player may test their paper plane during the construction phase. In the scored flight, the players get just a 1 try. The paper plane is thrown from the starting line. The goal of the game is to make the plane fly as far as possible.

The distance is measured in cm and the result is divided by 50. A maximum of 15 points can be scored.
Example: 530cm / 50 = 10.6 points (half points are rounded up, in this example for 11 total)

Planet Destroyer
The player throws the three balls into the basket one after the other from the starting line. The goal of the game is to land all three balls in the basket. Every player has 3 throws.

Each ball in the basket scores 4 points. If all balls land, a total of 15 points is scored. (12 are possible with 3 throws, plus 3 bonus)

The Gala Run takes place on Saturday, 11:00 – 13:30, on the Forecourt
(Panel Room II in case of rainy weather)! 

The Gala Scavenger Hunt 

Besides the Gala Run more focused on action and head-to-head matches, you also  have the chance to prove yourself as a Secret Agent and recon the area for hidden clues and targets.

 A total of 70 QR codes is positioned by the game team all around the venue. If you locate one of them, approach it and scan it with your smartphone.

The results will be automatically evaluated and the winner is chosen during the Award Ceremony (Saturday, 18:00, Main Hall).  You don‘t have to register in advance, just put in your nickname or real name on the site which appears after scanning the QR codes.

The Gala Scavenger Hunt takes place on Saturday,  11:00 – 17:30, around the whole venue.