GalaCon 2018 Recap

GalaCon 2018 in Ludwigsburg was truly a success and packed with all sorts of wonderful and memorable moments throughout the convention.

This year we had 1171 attendees from 36 different countries. Although the convention is held in Germany almost 50% of the attendees came from other countries.
In addition, 83 volunteers were there to make the event happen in 1074 hours of work while consuming 550 litres of water, 10 kilograms of apples, 20 kilograms of bananas and in between 480 cereal bars to regain some energy.
Not to mention the countless hours that went into planning and organizing the event.







The timetable was filled with various events from eight community guests and guests of honor. Three workshops and 15 panels were held during the Con by 23 panellists while one did not need any panelist at all.
There was also one unnamed panel and open for all: the chalk painting in the front of the forum with 39 chalk paintings in the end regardless of the rain.

Bronies for Goods raised 26,980.32 € in Total and 23,064.32 € from 54 items in the charity auction. An epic heroes fight was necessary to decide whoever should get the item with the highest value, Perry’s hat. An attendee with a Batman mask and the help of many other attendees forming as the League of Justice were able to gather the amazing amount of 4,894.32 €. The defeated Joker honoured the bravery with 500 €, making the total amount for this item 5,394.32 €.
The end of the auction was completed by one marriage proposal, rounding the great experience up!







Another event that established over time is the PlushieCon, which reached it’s all time high with 680 plushies of 207 owners accompanied by 1 robot named SweetieBot. The favourite character is still Rainbow Dash with 49 plushies.








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GalaCon 2019 will be held July 27- July 28, 2019 in Ludwigsburg, Germany.
We hope to see you there!