John Kenza, PegasYs and Faulty

These three are well known in the Brony Community for their music and many songs known to us from the early days of fandom music wouldn’t even exist without them.

John Kenza always was a producer in the first place, also working together with many other musicians to create high class house music with them or in solo projects and also being one of the staff members of the famous Ponies at Dawn.

Initially known for his vocal work in a duo with Proctra, called Starlight, PegasYs became more of a producer in genres Glitch Hop, Neurofunk, Drumstep and more in the last few years.

Faulty joined the producer train around late 2016 with his style ranging mostly around progressive house, chill house and such. He’s all about that upbeat dance energy that you get from early 2010’s house music that was so prevalent earlier in the fandom.


All three of them are a big part of Ponies at Dawn, probably the most well known music label in our community and this GalaCon they are here for you on the Gala Party Stage to show you all their best and get you dancing like the show’d be ending!