New Items in our Merchandise Shop and Fundraising for 2021

This special year is coming to an end – surely not everything will turn to normal with the beginning of 2021, but there are clear signs to be optimistic. We definetely are optimistic about GalaCon and Everfree Encore and are doing our best to get both events running in the upcoming year. And even if we still had much fun with the online events, we are definetely looking forward to see you all again in person.

A whole year without events and therefore without the usual income of course lead to a financial burden. Many costs still occur even without running events, some already paid invoices couldn’t be refunded and running events in 2021 might still be more expensive, be it because of extra security measures or fewer attendees.

While things in general look good, there are still some uncertainties and we are also aiming for covering all losses. The least thing we want to do are cutbacks on the event schedules.

Therefore, we are once again opening our Merchandise Shop with some unique items to support our events. This time, we offer a face mask, several t-shirts and posters – including Lo-Fi Canni Designs and a silver metallic finish mug. The merchandise shop will be open until January 15th, items will be produced and shipped afterwards.

If you want to support our events with an additional contribution, please take a look at our Fundraising Campaign. All revenue is used to cover Covid-19 losses and to keep GalaCon and Everfree Encore as great as you know them.

Merchandise Shop

Fundraising Campaign

Thank you for your support!