Panel applications are open!

There are numerous ways to make the most out of your visit at GalaCon! On top of many various great opportunities, panels are an essential part of the convention experience and so we are happy to offer an array of exciting panels every year!

However, we need your help to make it happen! Do you have a topic you’re passionate about and want to share with a wider audience? Then join us as a panelist for GalaCon 2023 by filling out the application today!

Panels are a great way to share your experience, work and enthusiasm for a certain topic to the world. Ever wanted to talk about how to sew plushies? Maybe you want to talk about your experience in the brony fandom to help new ones? Or even how to set up your own little meetup? Then here’s the right spot to share this experience with the world.

Don’t be afraid by thinking that your topic could be too small or even too big. We are happy to hear from all of your ideas and will decide what will fit best after we reviewed them all. Maybe it’s your topic that will make GalaCon 2023 as great as it will be!