Startnext 2019

We have started our Startnext Crowdfunding for GalaCon 2019!

GalaCon Startnext 2019

As every year we are trying to provide an wonderful weekend and gathering place for fans of the series and anyone interested!

To accomplish this goal we need your help!

Startnext allows GalaCon to enhance the quality of the event even further and compensate for investments in the future. The Crowdfunding is especially important for all the expenses that have to be planned or payed many month in advance.
If you want to know more about our expenditure you can find more details in the recent post What do I pay for?

The first funding goal is 2000€ and contributes directly to GalaCon 2019. We will only receive the money if we reach the first goal of the project.
Everything above 2000€ will be dedicated to acquiring interesting and special guests for GalaCon 2020!

In addition you are able to acquire special convention-related goodies.

We are very grateful for your support and any amount can help to realize an truly amazing event for everyone!