The end of an era, the beginning of a new

What a Ride. What a ride, started by a show ending today.

A show which gave the spark to an extraordinary fandom, barely comparable to others. So first, a huge thanks to all the show staff, voice actors, animators, Lauren Faust and everybody else who in any way participated and shaped the show.

But the show is only the firestarter. The fuel, the driving force of all this awesomeness is you, the fan. Without all the creativity, positive energy, general crazyness and participation, the fandom would not be even near to where we are now.

So, while there is a reason for being sad about the ending of this wonderful show full of friendship and ponies, do not forget that the show is a part of the fandom, but not the fandom.
The fans of the concept of “cute colorful ponies” are the ones directing the fandom. Now that the show comes to an end, it’s our responsibillity to keep the fire of friendship burning. As long as there are bronies who keep contributing to the fandom like all the last years we experienced, the fandom will stay alive and conventions will continue to give those a stage.
So let’s keep on rocking this fandom /)