Ticket sale starts on Sunday!

For GalaCon 2020, Canni’s got to get back – Back to the past of Medieval/Fantasy adventures!

If you want to follow suit on the 1st and 2nd of August 2020 in Ludwigsburg, Germany, then look no further. In fact, look right here on Sunday, because our ticket sale starts on Sunday at 20:00 German time!

If that’s all you needed to hear, don’t let us stop you – Click here to head to our sales page! Our usual three tiers are on offer – Standard, Plus, and Bizaam!

As you might know, GalaCon is an event for fans by fans and built on the contributions of the community! Unfortunately, a signifcant part of that is financing, and the single best way to support GalaCon is by buying your ticket as early as you can manage. It helps us a lot with funding for early costs and with planning based on the interest we see. Especially now, in this new post-G4 world, we greatly appreciate all the reassurance we receive!

To give back to our earliest supporters, we’re offering a special incentive:


  • Our first 50 buyers enter a raffle for one cameo in our GalaCon 2020 promotion video!




  • Our first 100 buyers enter a raffle for one cameo in our official GalaCon 2020 poster!


So don’t hesitate and sign up for Canni’s wild ride to magical realms – We’d love to see you there!

Check out our ticket sales and don’t hesitate to contact us on the website or Twitter if you have any questions!