Vendor List and Information for Vendors

As GalaCon draws near you sure are hyped and eagerly waiting to grab some beautiful or cool merchandise? Attached is the full list of vendors you can find in our vendor halls on the ground and upper floor. You can find the positions on the floor plan below. 

Be sure to check them all out to find the best merchandise you can get! And just in case you wondered: Tables 52+53 do not exist. 😉


Important notice for all vendors!

Friday: entry for ticket pick up and booth set-up 16:00 until 18:00 o’clock

Saturday: entry and set up (vendors only) 8:00, open to public 9:30, sales end 18:00 o’clock

Sunday: entry (vendors only) 10:30, open to public 11:00, official sales end 16:30 o’clock, clean up until 18:00 o’clock

In case of vendor related questions simply mail to!

Table NumberVendorStuff
1DorminPrints, T-Shirts, Drawings, Fancomics
2Pones of PixelsHandmade Pixel Pictures
3PerrydottoButtons, Prints, Mugs
4Hearth's Warming ConCustoms, Buttons, Prints, T-Shirts, Blind Bag Figurines, Handycraft Materials, Official Merch, CCG Merch, Hand Made Items
05+06Sweetie Bot ProjectButtons, Prints, Magnets
07+08Siora, ChibiPets & Card Game CrusadersPlushies, Buttons, T-Shirts, Embroidery, Handycraft Materials, CCG Merch, Iron-On Transfers, Postcards, Jewellery, Clothing
09+10rtry & YasiPlushies, Engraved Glass, Engraved Horn, Sewing Pattern, Printed Mugs
11Nana-YukaButtons, Prints, Stickers
12Lefaye's CreationsPlushies, Buttons, Prints, Embroidery
13LunationPrints, Handycraft Materials, Paintings, Watercolours
14The Manic SculptorCustoms, Handycraft Sculptures, Dioramas, Clocks, Custom-Blindbag-Chess Set
15HorseezHandycraft Woodburning, Acrylic Paint
16Mana-KyusaiPlushies, Buttons, Prints, Aquarell Commissions
17DSC-GRAPHICSCustoms, Prints, Handycraft Materials, Engraved Glass, Vinyl LP Clocks, LED Panels
18Auri's Dreamland PlushiesPlushies, Acrylic Phone Charms
19+20DealerponyPlushies, Customs, Blind Bag Figurines, Official Merch, Funko Figures, WeLoveFine Articles, Gift Paper, Overstuff Bags, Dream Catcher, Pizza Boards, GOH Figures and Cash Withdrawals
21MeplushyouPlushies, Plush keychains
22Vederlicht ArtButtons, Prints, Jewelry
23ZitaButtons, Prints, T-Shirts, Bookmarks, Luggage Tags, Stickers, Magnets, Mugs
24TokoKamiCustoms, Buttons, Prints, T-Shirts, Handycraft Materials, Pictures, Commissions
25+26Gray's Embroidered StuffT-Shirts, Embroidery
27+28Shark-SnailButtons, Prints, Engraved Glass, Paintings - Scratchboard Art
29+30XtorbenxButtons, Prints, T-Shirts, Handycraft Materials, Mousepads, Messenger Bags, Glass Boards, Ceramic Mugs, Pillows, Large Format Blankets
31AsukatzeCustoms, Prints, Blind Bag Figurines, Other
32LanPlushies, Embroidery
33Post Apocalypse Broadcasting StudioPrints
34PatchNpawCustoms, Buttons, Prints
35VividVi/VikiBunnyPlushies, Buttons, Fluffy Buttons & MLP-themed 3D puzzles
36PiriPaintsButtons, Prints, Handycraft Materials, Pillows, Dakimakuras, Self Casted Figures
37HipsterHoofPlushies, Handycraft Materials, Bags, Cosplay Accessoires
38CreepyRiver & SchimyButtons, Handycraft Materials, Engraved Glass, Jewelry, Original Art, Wallets, Bags, Belts, Small Items
39Jan Animation StudiosButtons, Prints, Keychains, Original Music CDs
40+41Adlynh and DranaarButtons, Prints, Handycraft Materials, Engraved Glass, Commission, Lottery, Wooden Jewelry, Wooden Engravings, Engraved Leather Bracelet
42Calistotash3D Printed Figurines
43haselwoelfchen/Lyra101/Baraka/sadonaxPlushies, Prints
44MimicPlushies, Buttons, Prints, Handycraft Burnt Boards, Other Handycrafts, Commissions
45Stray CatPlushies
46VaaCharCustoms, Buttons, T-Shirts, Prints, 3D-Prints, Electronics
48Exiled Game Team
49M. Stephen WintrePlushies, Customs, Buttons, Prints, T-Shirts, Embroidery, Blind Bag Figurines, Handycraft Materials, Official Merch, Plushies, Blankets, Little Bags
50+51AnimeShopOfficial Anime Merch
54+55Katojana CreationsButtons, Official Merch, ID Cards, Luggage Tags
56Andy Price