Vendor Rules

If you want to sell products of any kind at GalaCon, you are treated as a vendor. The following rules apply to all vendors – It is mandatory that you read and abide them. The GalaCon staff reserves the right to take action should these rules be broken. Note that these rules are only an excerpt of the full terms and conditions. The official documents have always priority.

1. Venue Entrance.
All vendors need at least a BASIC ticket together with their vendor ticket to sell at GalaCon. Also their assistants need at least a BASIC ticket to be allowed entrance to the venue. This also applies during the setup time on Friday.

2. All vendors need to keep records of their items and sales.
This is mandatory for insurance and commerce law reasons. Every vendor needs to keep records before, during and after GalaCon. This means that a list of all present items before and after the convention as well as the sales during the convention needs to be kept. GalaCon staff also has the right to check items at random points during the event.

3. All vendors have to take care of taxes by themselves.
We provide a platform for our vendors to sell their goods. All tax laws and such still apply and are your personal obligation.

4. All items and vendors need to maintain an atmosphere suitable for all ages.
Everything presented, either for sale, used as decoration or otherwise has to be suitable for all ages. We are a family friendly event and intend to keep it as such. No under-the-counter sales of questionable material – including violent, sexual or other offensive material – will be tolerated. This includes weapons and weapon replica toys as well. Questionable items will not be allowed in any context whatsoever.

5. Fanmade items need to respect intellectual property.
A minimum amount of self-contributed effort needs to be visible in the fanmade items sold. This means that items that consist of screenshots or vectors taken straight from the show are not permitted for sale. Straight up recolors and edits are also not permitted. Work done in the style of the show is of course allowed – we just want to make sure that copyright is kept intact. German fair use laws apply. The vendors assume the legal responsibility for all possible violations of the law and third party rights that are caused by their own behavior and have to bear the consequences on their own. The GalaCon cannot be held responsible unless gross negligent or culpable behavior is ascertained.

6. Fakes are prohibited.
Any counterfeit or fake items are off limits and not allowed for sale. Items that try to pass as official My Little Pony products are deemed fakes. The GalaCon staff reserves the right to confiscate and destroy counterfeit items.

7. Sale Surfaces.
The area allocated to a vendor includes only the tables provided and the area behind them. Additional sales stands, tables or promotional products infront or at available space next to the allocated spot can be used upon agreement, on-site inspection and approval by the vendor management.
In any case, escape routes, fireextinguishing, ventilation and lighting systems must be kept clear.
It is also not allowed to put walls with cardboard boxes or the like around the sales areas.

Thank you for reading! If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us via the Contact Form!