Volunteer feedback

2023 Volunteer Feedback

Thanks for taking part in the volunteer survey. The information you provide here will be used for team internal purposes only, to improve the volunteer teams next year, and won't be shared to other people. Be open and honest and feel free to criticize, we can handle that, and wont think bad of you because of your honest opinion.

You can also reach me at 404compliant(at)pony-events.eu and 404compliant(at)gmail.com for personal contact.

404compliant – GalaCon volunteer relations

General information

What team(s) have you been in, and working for?

What tasks did you perform as part of your shifts? Anything special or noteworthy?


More details on your work and colleagues

If you missed shifts, give us some details about it.

If you did extra shifts, give us some details about it

Did you notice anyone doing extra shifts, missing their shifts, or doing things great or problematic?

1 - too much work, 7 - I was bored

Were the shift times ok? We had less differentiated teams this year. Do you want bigger or smaller teams? More or less team leaders?


How did you like working with the other volunteers?
1 - Please let me work alone, 7 - Best team ever

How did you like working with your team leader(s)?
1 - I could do that better, 7 - Did a perfect job

How was working with the staff team members?
(404compliant, Bergkamener, daMatt, Đeus, MudgeO, PatchNPaw, Roraty, Saij, Shimmer Light, Sky Fang, Wydec)
1 - We had a staff team? 7 - Perfect

Anything to say about volunteer colleagues, team leads or staff members?

Volunteer extras

About all the things we provide for you

Of the provided extras for volunteers, which of them did you use/enjoy/take part of?

Which of the extras should we keep for next years volunteers?

The Friday pre-meetup was more basic this year, with having Pizza outside at the fountain. Did you like it in that style, or was it better the way we did it before? (apart from whether we can cover all or some of the costs)

Any comments on the pre-meetup location of this year?

When do you prefer the volunteer signing session?

Anything else you'd like to have, or anything other to say about the volunteer extras?


About the volunteer chats and communication. We hat Telegram and Discord chats this year, but not a discussion board. How did you like them, if?

We did not have a discussion board this year. Did you miss it?

Telegram was the most used this year, did you like it?

Discord there again. Did you like it?

What do you think about the split chat structure?

Any other chat systems you would like? Anything on how to communicate better?

Final questions

New city, new venue.
1 - hated it, 7 - loved it

In general, how did you like volunteering for GalaCon?
1 - hated it, 7 - loved it

Anything in general you'd like to tell us?

Would you volunteer again at GalaCon 2023?
1 - Thanks, but no, thanks, 7 - Always again

Do you want to get a reminder as soon as volunteer signups start again?
Just drop your email address here.

Would you also be interested to hear about volunteer opportunities for other partner events?

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