Announcing Prince Whateverer and Coltastrophe

Prince Whateverer and Coltathroph have always been a great combination for any evening program. With their Metal and Hard Rock music, they really rock every stage from Barn to  Big Party Hall. But even on their own these musicians will make this an unforgettable evening:

Prince Whateverer, our all time favourite noisy horse is a British rock and metal musician, rooted deeply in the brony fandom and publishing music since the early days of the fandom.

Coltastrophe, our British horse band friends with vintage rock style, allergic to backing tracks, are a must have for any hard rock party! The band around Cracking Laser, Blackened Blue, Sound Check and Rythm Sticks have been guests to our dear friends at Rock Nessie and Everfree Encore several times now and everytime the crowd was ROCKING in no time!