Announcing Tw3lv3, Waranto Wingbeat and Flitterkriz

Yesterday Rocker and Metalheads and now DJ’s & Voice Actors/Singer. Welcome with us Tw3lv3, Waranto Wingbeat & Flitterkriz for this year’s Galacon in the new Venue!

Tw3Lv3 is a talented 21 year old DJ/ producer and will join us from Belgium! Tw3Lv3 is known for her collabs with other great brony musicians like General Mumble or MC Arch and her own chill music – lofi label VibePoniez. On stage, she will put all her energy into an extremely diversified set that will raise everypony’s mood to the next level in no time!

Waranto Wingbeat will present diversified electronic mixes from and around the brony and furry fandom. He is a well-known guest at GalaCon and surely knows how to bring the dancefloor to life.

Flitterkriz is a voice actress and singer from norway. Encouraged by Elley ray, she started her journey as a voice actress in 2018 and has gained recognition within the fandom in various projects such as Fallout Equestria: Dead Tree by Fiaura the Tank Girl and The Rainbow Orchestra for Lightning Bliss.