GalaCon 2023 Date & Venue Announcement

Fresh in 2023 we start our newest adventure and invite you to join us on this exciting epic journey!
First of all – The most important part:

GalaCon will take place on the 16-17th September 2023 in the Bürgerzentrum Waiblingen

Yes you read right, we do not only switch venues, but also the date might look a bit more unusual.
Both of this helps us significantly in actually doing GalaCon this year and in the future, and to circumvent financial struggles caused by COVID19 and inflation.
So no, we do not switch venues only to make pronouncing the name harder for foreign visitors :p

Thing is, the Bürgerzentrum is a bit smaller. The main hall might look a bit less glamorous and smaller than in the Forum, though in fact it still holds a comparable amount of seats!
But in general, this will mean that GalaCon might scale down a bit.
Yes, GalaCon will be different this year, but this shall not hold us up from having a great time and the whole team will give their best to make it a wonderful experience for all of you!

Thanks to the new location, we also will have more possibilities and freedom in the venue usage – e.g. helping us improve the evening events further.
And, for the first time in GalaCon history, the venue will be air-conditioned!
All that in beautiful surroundings, right next to a river and directly near the cozy old city district of Waiblingen.

We are super excited and hyped to have a GalaCon this year, and this would have not been possible without your generous support and love. You are the reason we are doing this, and we are always grateful for that.
Thanks to you we are able to hold a GalaCon 2023, while going the safe route that keeps all possibilities open for us in the future. Including going back to former size again.

We hope to see you all at GalaCon 2023 <3