Updates and farewell to our old venue

We know many of you are craving for information about the upcoming GalaCon. While we are going full steam ahead with plannings, we need to kindly ask for a few more weeks of your patience.

But there is one inevitable change we can already share with you:
Next year’s GalaCon sadly won’t be happening in Ludwigsburg. For some of you this might come as a big surprise, others might have been expecting it following the financial struggle with our venue leading up to the last GalaCon.

Our time in Ludwigsburg was great and we will always keep it in fond memories. But in recent years it became harder and harder to keep up with constantly rising venue prices, culminating in the financial struggles we had at the start of 2022 and which we were only able to overcome with the massive collective help of the community. Intense negotiations with our former location sadly did not bring any substantial improvements to this situation.

This leads us to a question: Staying in Ludwigsburg and pass on the heavily increased location costs to you, the visitors, or going the significant step of finding a new home for GalaCon? 

We have decided for the latter to minimize forthcoming price increases and allow as many of you to visit GalaCon as possible.
This will confront us with new challenges but also many opportunities, and we are excited to show and tell you all about this soon™!

While we can’t reveal the new venue just right now, rest assured that we won’t move too far away – Canni just likes Swabian Käsespätzle way too much 😉